How did EMS start out?

Event Management Services has been going for over 10 years and embodies a wealth of international experience in the business conference industry. Seasoned conference pros and founders of EMS, Carol Baines and Suzy Sclater, tell us how it all began…

Carol Baines

Carol:  “As with many firms, Event Management Services (EMS) started when we spotted a need and created a solution to fit!  Having worked for an international organisation headquartered in the US who had ambitious growth plans for Europe, Suzy and I gained great experience, both in Europe and the US, in how to take existing commercial conferences from the US and launch them in Europe – building a new client and revenue base. Adding this experience to our gained marketing and events business experience in the UK, we set out on our own, established EMS and launched a service offering aimed at US-based organisations looking to expand internationally. That was the start…”

Suzy Sclater

Suzy:  “Yes, we gained our first client – who we’re proud to say, we still service today – moulded a solution for them and then marketed the solution to organizations with similar international ambitions and grew our client list.   We widened our portfolio and expanded into running events in the Middle East, Africa and APAC for our clients, in addition to Europe. We’re now truly global with attendees drawn from many professional sectors and clients representing conference companies, consulting organizations, training organisations and research houses. Our events range from small groups of 25 at a 5-day training course to business conferences and exhibits of 1,000 attendees, and everything in between.”

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