Case Study: On the front-line in Europe

Headquartered in the US, with offices across the globe, Information Services Group’s (ISG) annual events programme truly reflects the global nature of their business, and with that comes the need to have a regional partner with local connections, to ensure that each event is delivered competitively and to its full potential.

That’s where EMS come in. Having worked with EMS Co-founders, Carol and Suzy, earlier in their professions, ISG Partner and Global Leader, Karen Healy got in contact with EMS to ask them to support ISG in expanding its events offering within Europe.

Having EMS on board meant that ISG could focus their attentions on developing the best format and content for each event, recruiting top speakers and integrating processes and technologies to improve the overall event experience. EMS would handle the rest, and be on the front-line for ISG in Europe, securing the ideal venues, and negotiating on ISG’s behalf to get the most competitive rates with venues and suppliers alike. EMS could relieve Karen’s team of some of the more arduous tasks needed to ensure that attendees, speakers and sponsors could have the best possible experience. This freed up their time to keep their focus on expanding their events programme.

ISG’s conferences are all about technologising and future-proofing businesses through innovation. Their events have a distinctly forward-thinking approach, demonstrated in the innovative design and format of their events, the leading-edge content and ideas that they put together in their agendas, and their use of advanced, user-friendly technologies to enhance the attendee experience. EMS are currently starting on their third annual European programme of events with ISG and we’re excited to use our expertise to help them incorporate new ideas and experiences at their events.

Karen Healy, Partner and Global Leader, ISG Events, said “I have worked with Carol and Suzy for a number of years and this relationship has led to the EMS Team working closely with ISG to deliver our European conference programme. What I like about working with EMS, is that they understand our vision for delivering a busy portfolio of innovative and collaborative conferences and they are a key partner in bringing our vision to life in the Europe region. Their approach to working as a seamless extension to my own team streamlines our conference processes, with their support in sourcing the best venues and suppliers for our events, and executing the registration, production and logistics processes to a quality standard, whilst keeping the event budget on-track.”